A Hymn of Biblical Proportions

So being at the Easter Vigil inspired me to write this hymn as we were going through the Old Testament readings showing the saving acts of God and typology that pointed to Christ. It ended up being 23 verses long. Finals prevented me from working on it for a few weeks till I visited Hannah and Christina this past week after school got out. Basically, it goes through all of salvation history and the idea is to teach the typology. Granted, it’s a bit lengthy but here goes:

O Ancient of Days, Who reignest in light
Whom angels adore all veiling their sight,
Now we Thy ransomed  people do acclaim
And worship forever Thy glorious Name!

Lo! Thou didst create all things out of naught
Because of Thy great love, O glorious God;
And Thou in Thine own Image didst man make;
Him steward o’er Thy creation didst place!

Yea, when our first parents into sin fell,
Thou didst not leave them to powers of Hell;
The offspring that would crush the serpent’s head,
The first promise of Christ’s light Thou didst shed!

In the days of Noah cameth the flood;
The ark did shelter what Thou didst make good,
And thus our Mother Church in type was shown
To save from the world those called as Thine own!

Unto Abraham Thou didst make the call,
“I’ll make thee a nation, a blessing to all.”
And down through all the ages from him came
We his descendents adoring Thy Name!

On great Mount Moriah Thou didst him give
A scapegoat so that his dear son might live,
Foreshadowing, O Father, what Thou didst
In giving up Jesus that we might live!

In the Burning Bush Thou once didst appear
Proclaiming to Moses Thy tender care
For Thy people Israel in bondage drear,
And that their deliverance longed for was near!

From bondage in Egypt Thou leddest them,
Deliv’ring them by Thine all-powerful Hand;
By Passover and Red Sea Thou didst show
In type the deliv’rance Christ would bestow!

On height of great Horeb Thou didst reveal
To Moses and Israel in thund’rous peals
Thy Law and commandments, and didst make them
A nation for Thee unto utmost end!

And crossing the Jordan into the Land
Thou promised Thy servant Abraham,
Thou ledd’st Thy holy people Israel
That in Thy full promise they might e’er dwell

Thou didst send a king in fullness of time,
A humble shepherd with heart like to Thine,
And from the good King David’s line did come
to reign till forever Thy glorious Son

On Carmel in silence Thou, Lord, didst speak
Not in fire, nor whirlwind nor great earthquake
To Prophet Elijah who served Thee well
Whom Thou didst bring to heav’n with Thee to dwell.

In Thy holy temple Thou didst appear
To Prophet Isaiah trembling in fear
Yet Thy holy angel came unto Him
Proclaiming his mission, cleansing his sin

To this same Isaiah Thou didst reveal
The coming One who would all people heal,
The Virgin-born Savior, Immanuel,
The suff’ring servant who our sins would bear

When Thine erring people transgressed Thy Law
Thou sent them to exile in Babylon
Yet holy Jeremiah prophesied
New Covenant and return from exile.

Thy prophet Ezekiel mystically saw
dry bones brought to new life, inspiring awe;
A sign of what would come on the third day
When Christ, God victorious, rose from the grave!

O Ancient of Days, the great Son of Man
In splendour ascending to Thy right hand
Thy holy prophet Daniel did foresee;
The glorious Lamb who for man intercedes!

In fullness of time Thou didst send Thy Son,
Thy promise of ages now in flesh come!
God-With-Us, Son of Mary, Christ our Lord,
True God, True Man be Thou ever adored!

O Passover Lamb, who didst on the Cross
Suffer and die that Thou might save the lost
The blood and water which from Thy side flowed
Blot out all our sins and make all things new!

O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou on the third day
Didst rise from the dead and conquered the grave,
Thou didst ascend to heaven to prepare
A place for thy servants to dwell fore’er!

Thine All-Holy Spirit, on Pentecost came
Upon Thine Apostles as tongues of flame!
On that holy day Thou didst establish
Thy Church, pouring Thy Spirit on all flesh!

In fullness of time Thou, Christ, wilt return
And bring to fulfillment Thy glorious Word:
We shall be e’er Thy people, Thou our God,
Creation renewed, all evil be naught!

O Ancient of Days, O Great Three in One!
O Eternal Father, Spirit and Son!
All praise, glory and honour ever be
Unto Thy Name glorious eternally!

Words: Noah Townsend, Copyright 2012.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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