Another Hymn

I was traveling the other day and ended up writing this hymn while on the plane. I was meditating on the passage where Jesus said “Unto the least of these that you have done it, you have done it unto me.” I was also thinking about the need for true social justice versus the false secular notion of social justice in our society and which many Christians have adopted, and so the hymn is geared as a corrective to that.

O make us now Thy people, Lord,
In righteousness and love,
And do Thou, gracious Lord of all,
Be evermore our God;
Help us now to renounce all greed,
all envy, lust and pride.
Teach us to love our enemies,
and so in Thee abide.

For Christ did come and die for us
While we were yet in sin;
Far from Thy glory did we fall,
Yet He hath made amends!
He came to make a people Thine,
By love fulfilled Thy Law,
And we, in love called by His Name,
His glorious Words recall:

“Whate’er ye do unto the least,
Ye do it unto Me.”
Thou didst in Thine own Image make
All men that live and breathe.
And so we pray Thee, gracious Lord,
Our hardened hearts do melt,
And give us eyes of faith that we
May love our neighbours well.

The only place true justice dwells
Is written in Thy Word,
And so our hearts through Scripture teach
Thy ways all-holy, Lord.
Out of the darkness of this world:
Its wisdom, fame, and pride,
Do save us now, O gracious Lord,
And heal our darkened eyes.

Help us called by Thy Name, O Christ,
To reach out to the poor,
And those in need, lost and alone,
To show Thy love, O Lord.
To those enslaved and trapped by sin,
Thy freedom help us bring;
Thy Hands and Feet, a healing balm,
Help us be, Righteous King!

Teach us, O Lord, to rein our tongues;
Its fire of malice quench!
Raise up our hearts to charity;
We all our sins repent!
Thy holy fire of charity
Rain on this weary world;
Renew earth’s face, Thy Kingdom bring
In glorious fullness, Lord!

Words: Noah Townsend, Copyright 2012.
Tune:Old 44thPsalmes, 1556.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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